Business Insurance

Small Business, Corporation or Professional?
Every business needs an umbrella for a rainy day.
Let us provide you with a flexible and affordable insurance package to ensure your business remains smooth sailing through any storm.

SME Packages

Offers financial protection for SMEs against a variety of business risks such as damage to company property, business interruption and work injury compensation etc.

Liability Insurance

Offers companies protection against claims resulting from injuries/damages to people and/or property, covering legal costs and compensating for your losses.

Workmen Injury Compensation

Covers medical bills arising from work-related injuries or diseases for all your insured employees and provides compensation for permanent incapacity or death.

Cargo Insurance

Covers all risks of physical loss of or damage to your cargo during transit by sea, air and land and provides compensation for any accidents during transportation.

Contractors All Risk

Covers any physical loss of or damage to contract works and third party liabilities due to industrial accidents. This insurance also includes Workmen Injury Compensation.

Foreign Worker’s Medical Insurance

Covers the medical expenses of your foreign workers, even medical bills arising from injuries that may not be work-related. The MOM requires mandates companies maintain insurance coverage of at least $15, 000 a year for each foreign worker.

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