Work Injury Claim

How to Make a Work Injury Claim

Step 1

Employers should report any work-related accidents to MOM using iReport System here, within 10 days of the accident happening for accidents that:

  • Result in the death of an employee
  • Result in the employee being unfit for work for more than 3 calendar days or hospitalized for at least 24 hours
  • Result in employee contracting an occupational disease

Step 2

Complete Claim Form and prepare the following required documents:

  • Copy of iReport submitted to MOM
  • Original Medical Bills and Medical Certificates
  • Copy of Work Permit/Employment Pass (for foreign employees)
  • Copies of pay slips of the injured worker for past 12 months from the accident and during Medical Leave Period
  • Copy of Medical Report or Inpatient Discharge Summary
  • Number of working days per week
  • Copy of death certificate if the accident resulted in death of employee

If injured worker is a sub-contractor’s employee or engaged in a project work, please prepare the following documents on top of the aforementioned documents:

  • Contract agreement between insured and sub-contractor and/or main contractor
  • Copy of sub-contractor’s and/or main contractor’s workmen compensation policy

Step 3

Contact us and submit the completed Claim Form to us.

Download Claim Form